Traduction de Little Green Apples
Robbie Williams

Paroles en Anglais
Little Green Apples

Traduction en Français
Petites pommes vertes

And I wake up in the morning, with my hair down in my eyes,

Et je me réveille le matin

And she says hi, and I stumble to the breakfast table,

Avec mes cheveux sur les yeux et elle me dit "bonjour"

While the kids are going off to school goodbye.

Et je m'installe à la table du petit-déjeuner

And she reaches out and takes my hand,

Pendant que les enfants partent pour l'école, "au revoir".

Squeezes it, says, how you feelin' hon?

Et elle me tend sa main et prend la mienne

And I look across at smiling lips that warm my heart and see my morning sun.

Elle la serre et me dit, "comment te sens-tu chéri?"

And if that's not lovin' me, then all I've got to say.

Alors je regarde la sourire au coin de ses lèvres qui réchauffe mon cœur

God didn't make little green apples

Et je regarde le soleil du matin

And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.

There's no such thing as Dr. Zeuss, Disneyland, and Mother Goose no nurs'ry rhyme.

Et si ça ce n'est pas m'aimer, qu'ai-je à redire

God didn't make little green apples

And it don't rain in Indianapolis when the winter comes.

Dieu n'a pas fait pousser de petites pommes vertes

There's no such thing as make-believe, puppy dogs, and autumn leaves and B.B. guns.

Sometimes I call her up at home knowing she's busy

And ask if she could get away and meet me, and grab a bite to eat.

And she drops what she's doin' and hurries down to meet me, and I'm always late.

But she sits, waiting patiently and smiles when she first sees me

Cause she's made that way and if that's not lovin' me

Then all I've got to say.

Robbie Williams
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